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I was born in Lebanon, in the breathtaking town of Yahchouch by the mighty Adonis River. A beautiful village in the middle of a canyon...
I did my elementary and high school at the “College des Saints-Coeurs Sioufi”.
In 1991, I joined the Saint-Joseph University Medical School in Beirut for seven years combined program until I graduated in 1998.  During my years at the Medical School, I started having a growing interest in forensic medicine. I found it a fascinating area of medicine. At that time, I decided to go to Rouen in France for further training in Forensic Medicine.
After that, I moved to New York to continue a specialty in Internal Medicine and Forensic Medicine. My medical residency training at the Staten Island University Hospital in Internal Medicine-Primary Care was excellent. I had also the chance to work on many research projects including a very interesting one on “minimally invasive autopsy”.
During my residency training, I developed an interest in cancer medicine and radiation oncology. Dealing with cancer patients on a daily basis is not an easy thing, but it gives you a new philosophy for your personal life. You end up living one day at a time with no long-term projects. I think it is the way of life that everybody should follow. Life is too short so just enjoy it. Never postpone fun stuff you are planning to do...
I believe that the future belongs to those who live in the present…
In July 2002, I moved to Montreal to pursue a specialty in Radiation Oncology. I did learn different advanced techniques in radiation therapy.
I have many hobbies mainly traveling and seeing new culture. I love skiing, good wine, Cuban cigars, Lebanese food... I appreciate the Mediterranean way of life with siestas in the afternoon... Unfortunately, you don't get a lot of that in North America... Instead of a siesta, you will get another cup of coffee…
I am currently an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of North Dakota, School of Medicine, Department of  Radiation Oncology at the Roger Maris Cancer Center, MeritCare Hospital. I am practicing different aspects and expertise of Radiation Oncology including: IMRT, Radiosurgery, prostate seeds implants, High Dose Brachytherapy…
I love visiting my home country Lebanon, I usually go back every year. I am very happy that Lebanon is finally free. Hopefully, one day I will return back...
I hope that you will enjoy visiting my personal web site....