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General Simon ZOUEIN
1905 - 1995


(Azza-eem) General Simon Zouein
1905 - 1995

Born in Venezuela 1905. His family returned to Lebanon, when he was five-year-old. He completed his secondary school in Jounieh (Freres Maristes) College. He then joined the French Military school in Damascus-Syria. He was awarded a grant to complete his military study in the French “Gendarmerie” school at Versailles , France. He obtained the Officer degree in Oct.10th 1925. He was promoted in 1928 then in 1932 then 1940. And, as Colonel in 1943.

Since 1945, he became:
1- The commander in chief of the “Gendarmerie” School in Lebanon.
2-1949 to 1952 the BEKAA Regional Commissioner.
3-1952 to 1958 Commander in Chief of the Lebanese “Gendarmerie” .
4-In 1959 he was appointed a military Attaché in Europe until his retirement in 1962.
5-After his retirement, he had a civil post as the Director of Casino Du Liban until 1985.

Some of the Medals, General Simon Zouein had :
1- La medaille de Guerre 1926
2- The Lebanese Military Medal 1948
3- The Lebanese Medal of Merit
4- The Medal of the Jordanian Independence 1955
5- The Medal of the Libyan Independence 1956
6- The French Legion of Honor
7- The Order of the Malta Knights Medal
8- The French Medal of Humanitarian Task
9- The American Medal of Merit
10-The American Medal of Honor
11-An Iranian Medal
12-A Polish Medal
13-A Greek Medal
14-The National Cedar Medal-Commander Rank 1958


By Georges Elkhoury Zouein - Zeaitreh / Kessrouan /Lebanon


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